Here at DMM2 we are going to be taking a historical look at mining in the Durham area and also taking a look at the many different gambling opportunities that are available to you not only in and around Durham but also online.

We are continually updating our blog with lots of news articles which we are convinced you will be interested in reading through. As such please read on for below we have put together an overview of some of the most visited sections of the DMM2 website which we think will be worth checking out and reading.

History of Mining in Durham – Probably one of the most interesting sections of this website is this one in which we chart the complete history of mining in Durham.


We will be taking a look at the very first pit to open and then we will be looking how the face of mining changed from all recognition as the years progressed, if you are looking for information on the history of mining throughout Durham and the surrounding areas then you really should take a look, as there is some information packed and very interesting articles in this part of the site.

Durham Coal Fields – Another section of our website that will be of interest to you if you are looking for information on sadly now closed coal fields in the Durham area is this one, we will be looking at when the coal fields opened and when they closed.

We will also be covering a range of different topics which explain how those coal fields, at the time there were operating, changed the local area, so please do make sure you read through this section of the website as you will be reading about the experiences of people who actually worked in the mines and the local mining communities too.

Gambling Venues in Durham – There are going to be plenty of land based venues where you can gamble in Durham, and they include racecourses, both jump and flat courses, greyhound tracks, Bingo clubs, amusement arcades and casinos and as such there are going to be plenty of places available whenever you are in a gambling frame of mind.

We do have some very informative guides available on this site that will let you know a lot of information on each of those venues so do check them out if you need to know their exact locations or things such as the opening times etc.

Online and Mobile Gambling Sites – If you want to gamble from the comfort of your own home or via a mobile device then there are going to be lot of different gambling sites available to you also. Juts keep in mind you should only sign up to such sites if they are fully licensed and regulated in the UK.

We will let you know which are the top rated gambling sites and how you can make use of a very wide range of bonus offers that are on offer at each of our featured and showcased gambling sites too!

Gambling on a Mobile App – If you want to gamble from anywhere then all that you are going to have to do is to download an app onto your mobile device, the size of most gambling apps are quite small so do not think they are going to be taking up a lot of your storage space on your device as that will not be the case.

We have reviewed several of the most utilized gambling apps throughout this website so please do take a look around and make use of those guides to allow you to find the exact type of app you are looking for.

Casino and Poker Game Guides – You can of course play lots of different casino games and poker games both online and via a mobile gambling app and when visiting a land based casino in or around Durham, and as you may never have come across some of those games before then you should take a look through our individual game guides.

Those guides will show you to how to play every single game on offer and we will also be pointing you in the direction of the highest paying casino and poker games too, along with passing onto you some valuable playing hints and tips.

Making Use of Gambling Bonuses – One thing that you are going to have to make sense of when you do start to gamble online or on a mobile device is to make sense of all of the gambling related bonuses that you can claim.

In fact, there are so many of them currently available we have compiled a set of guides which will show you how each one has been structured and will also let you know how to use gambling related bonus optimally and wish ones are offering you the very best value.

Gambling Strategies Explained – Having a good and well thought out plan of attack when you are gambling in any shape or form is one of the best things you can do as a gambler, for knowing in advance the valued of the best and wagers you will be placing, an also having a winning goal and a stop loss limit are important.

In our gambling strategies explained set of guides we will be taking a look at several often used gambling systems which are used by gamblers the world over, so do take a look through as many of them as you can do if you are on the hunt for such a gambling system or strategy.